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Abs Exercises at Home

Home Abs Exercises for Women and Men

Home abs exercise

Many women and men, who are either working or housewives, do not find sufficient time to get involved in abdominal or any type of abs exercises. There is some excellent abs exercise at home for women that could help.

Facing multiple engagements like working or taking care of the household works and children at home, many women do not find it easy to go to the gyms regularly. However, these women just like any other, desire to have flat abs that will make them look beautiful. Best way for such women would be to perform some abs exercises at home.

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Different Types of Exercises

Multiple types of exercises are there for women that could be performed at home. In fact, such flat abs exercises are some of the easiest to do. No special equipments are required to perform these exercises. A towel or a mat suffices for performing these abs exercises at home.

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Working from Different Angles

abs exercise at homeBest way of performing abs exercises for women is performing them from different angles. It means that the performer should exercise with specific attention on some part of the abdomen; upper, lower, or obliques. Such exercises will be good for differently activate different abdominal muscle groups in the anatomy.

Improving Upper Abs

One of the best abs workouts is the upper abs exercise that could be performed the following manner. Either in a sitting or crunching position, moving the trunk forward can exercise the upper abs. Women can try lying on their back; place hands behind the head lightly, and flare out the elbows. Thereafter head, shoulder, and upper back should be lifted together and after a moment get back to original position slowly.

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Exercise for Lower Abs

Among the abdominal exercises at home for women and men is the lower abs exercises that are very important for flat and strong abs. Exercises for lower abs require the legs moving. Women could get good results by trying the scissor kick by lying down face up on the floor and by placing their hands under the lower back. Lifting both legs off the floor with pointed toes, the performer should smoothly scissor up and down and at the same time stay as close to the floor as possible. This exercise is one of the common inclusions in any set of abs training exercises.

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Exercises for the Obliques

best abs exerciseNo one can expect to have flat and strong abs without getting involved in some sort of special exercises for obliques which is a very important part of the abdomen. Strong obliques contribute to lean and trim waist. They can greatly help women in everyday twisting functional movements. These are also basic 6 packs abs exercises for men and constitute integral part of best abs exercises at home. Exercise can be performed by performing crunches at home by lying with knees bent and face up with feet flat on the floor and arms extended to both sides with chin lifted. Hold a moment to contract the oblique; the performer should lower down the body halfway while reaching to the other side and continuing the movements on either side of the body.

Few Useful Tips

While performing abs exercises at home women have to take stock of certain factors. They should consider their physical conditions before taking to any abs exercise. Same principle applies for abs exercises for men that mean it is important judging the physical condition before taking up any such exercises or there could be adverse repercussions on the health. Experts recommend that three sets of twenty reps per ab exercises three times per week would constitute the best abs exercise for home and that will allow the performer adequate rest as well as recovery times.

However, it is also necessary that the performer follows a healthy diet plan and disciplined lifestyle.

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